A truly unique import/export USA-Germany.UK (Europe) business that is all online. Almost everything is fulfilled through 3rd parties; add 10-15% minimum to the bottom line if bring fulfillment in-house. Owners work around 2 hours per day. Mainly selling health/beauty items with exclusive rights in several countries to several very popular products that should be wholesaled to retailers in their protected countries. Easy to grow, simply add more products as there are dozens of brands with 100’s of products to be picked up, seller simply does not want to grow. Only selling through Amazon due to how easy it is, buyer can add other platforms. Have rights to products and import/export to several other countries they have not touched such as France, Italy and Spain with Holland and Czech coming soon. Perfect opportunity if you have products to export to the EU. Perfect for E2 or E1 visa, E1 allowing no employees, physical location…

Wir haben einen Profi Broker in den USA fur den Verkauf angagiert.

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Mr. Michael Monnot
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