Switrace SA manufactures temperature data loggers for the transport of medicine, particularly vaccines. In the last months Switrace SA has been receiving inquiries from many parts of the world for ultra-cold temperature data loggers to protect the Covid-19 vaccines.  The requirements were for frozen temperatures (-20°C) for the Moderna Vaccine and Dry Ice temperatures (-70°C) for the Pfizer BioNtec vaccine.

Due to this high demand Switrace SA has developed in short time a wide range of temperature data loggers with internal sensor and external probe or with LED or LCD indicators to facilitate the shipment of both types of vaccines.  For the Ultra-cold temperature data loggers for storage Switrace SA has now also extended its range to -200°C with the I-PLUG CRYO.

These special temperature loggers complement the 2°C to 8°C data loggers such as I-PLUG BIO that Switrace SA manufactures in already approved by WHO.

For any information please contact alex.guillen@switrace.com  or at the mobile: +41 76 3754732