Unique mobile beer and wine bar start-up for sale in ZH with strong registered brand 

Great opportunity for small business owner looking to build their own start-up that has existing infrastructure, without a large purchase cost or any outstanding debt.

PLEASE NOTE: There is also a possibility to purchase both e-bikes with bar and cooling equipment that would be ready for use, excluding the brand or webpage- Cost for both bikes as is CHF 35,000. 


The concept is a mobile bar built on a danish tricycle. The bar/s are handcrafted in wood and fitted with a traditional wood/chrome Czech side pull tapping system and inbuilt wastage drip tray. Below, a beer/drink cooling system with capabilities of up to two separate drinks  with storage for c02 gas and a place for two kegs. Everything has been meticulously built: external visual and design, electrical safety switches, inbuilt drip tray, ventilation system. 

No binding contracts for drink supplier leave the new business owner completely flexible, however, there are existing relationships with a Swiss brewery for the purchase of beers and an Italian winery for the purchase of keg filled sparkling white wine- This product can be purchased directly from the winery or bought from a local CH supplier.

The reason for sale is I have since picked up a new project which requires a large portion of time and unfortunately have no additional capacity to start and grow this to its true potential. I personally invested over 1year building various designs and prototypes, business plans and sales pricing structures, and sourcing the right sparkling wine products suitable for on tap. It would be a shame to see this idea not launched as there is a good market demand- more so now for lower cost/flexible private events. I hope to find someone who has an interest in taking on a start-up, enjoys entertaining and people interaction, and excited about the concept. 

Potential financial return:  

The business model is based on 3 main offerings: Catering (full service) , Private hire (drop off/pickup), or Retail (street stand). 

Each private rental (drop off/pick up model) should conservatively generate CHF 1,000 revenue with a gross profit of CHF 600-700. This is based on the minimum package with no catering service. Private catering will see this revenue/margin increase (of course, you can chose to design new pricing but this was researched and aligned to current market offerings). Once the brand is established and has a strong market presence, I am confident that both bars would be requested up to 2-3 times per week, potentially seeing CHF 20,000 revenue per month with minimal fixed costs. This operation is easily a 1 person, home-office setup, with a small low-cost storage or even private garage box for the bars while between events. 

In addition, this brandname has a strong franchise potential or even scalability, should the demand exceed current capabilities of these two bars.

Details of sale: 

The company owns all rights/products, however, I would like to keep my GmbH due to the name (name is not related to business) but will sell all materials/equipment, rights and provide an anti competition disclaimer upon sale. Should the purchaser require the GmbH and be a non-negotiable, I am sure an agreement could be reached. 

  • 2x new electric 3-wheeled bicycles with fitted with custom built wooden bar. Inside contains keg cooling machine, electrical safety switches and chrome and wooden Czech beer taping system
  • Registered IP (Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property): Logo design/name 
  • Professional designed branding and original digital files 
  • Professional webpage (mobile scaled) with domain hosting: English and German language with booking capabilities
  • Complete detailed business model 
  • Private rental and catering pricing structure 
  • Introduction and details of all suppliers (drinks, equipment and materials)
  • Handover and informative introduction to equipment/setup and usage

Things to know: 

I am not aware if the current permits (bewilligung: Verkauf von alkoholhaltigen Getraeken inkl. gebrannte Wasser and Schweizer Weinhandelskontrolle for the import of wine) are valid if there is a business sale (I can provide documentation for legitimacy confirmation), but I am happy to assist you with this and connect you to the correct Swiss authority/corporation. I found this process very simple and more of an administration requirement to register the company with them. 

If this start-up sounds like something you are looking for, please reach out to me and I will provide more information, brand details and photos of the bar. I would be delighted to answer any questions you have. 

I look forward to hearing from you,