Business Divestiture Overview

Strawganic GmbH was founded in 2017. Focus of Strawganic is trading with sustainable products. Main products launched by Strawganic are steel and glass straws in different colors, length and shape. Strawganic is also importing products from other brands in the EU, acting as a reseller in Switzerland.

Over the last five years Strawganic GmbH established its operations and launched its own products in Switzerland. Strawganic entered in various strategic partnerships (distributor, manufacturing & logistics services providers, etc.). This allowed Strawganic to keep the company structure lean and monthly fixed costs could be kept very low. The word/picture «Strawganic» is intellectual property of Strawganic GmbH. Trademarks are registered in Switzerland and the European union.

Straganic is ready to expand internationally. The domicil in Riehen, Switzerland is attractive from a tax perspective.

Strawganic intents to divest its full operational business. The deal is structured as a «share deal» (Stammanteile GmbH). Together with the GmbH the buyer acquiers all assets (e.g. Trademarks, inventory, etc.) and liabilites of the company.


Transaction Scope

Buyer is acquiring an operational manufacturing & retail business (Supply Chain, Distribution Network, etc.) with a very efficient and lean set up:

  • International network of 3rd party manufacturing partners
  • Partnership with a Swiss packaging company who develops and manufactures Strawganic packaging materials
  • Partnership with a Swiss institution that does packaging of Strawganic Products as a resocialization Project
  • Partnership with state-of-the-art warehouse with customer portal (real time stock availability, etc.)
  • Exclusive Distribution agreement with one of the biggest distributors in Switzerland
  • Homepage with operational Online Store (
  • Partnership with a trust (Treuhandfirma) that is running all finance operations
  • setup with full offer to cash process
  • Operational bank account with one of th largest Swiss banks including full e-banking access
  • Swiss Limited Liability Company (GmbH) domiciled in Basel Switzerland (favorable tax environment)
  • Registered trademarks in Switzerland and the European Union
  • Inventory of Strawganic Products
  • Inventory of packaging material
  • Partnership with a German company; Strawganic is the importer & reseller of products of the German company