For sale: a next-generation crypto exchange with a focus on security and performance which is similar to the exchanges included in the TOP 10 of the world cryptocurrency market.

The platform has been developed with the best practices of UX in both desktop and mobile, which provides practical, experiential, effective, and meaningful ways to trade crypto assets with maximum security and on the most favourable conditions to exchange fiat for crypto, crypto for fiat. Secure authentication is a top priority.

It is a fully regulated trading platform that provides Fort Knox secure environments, AI-powered KYC, industry-leading AML procedures, simple UX and a clean environment for complex operations. A security token (STO) proposal has been launched to raise funds for the creation of a unique securities exchange in accordance with regulatory requirements. The exchange has mobile applications for iOS and Android under development.

We provide technical support even after the purchase if desired, the improvement and development of new processes are possible.

Currently not profitable. Exact numbers can and will be provided upon request.

Price is not final and negotiable.

No land or buildings owned. Currently rented.