Investment Opportunity in Swiss EdTech Company


WHY to invest?

  • Because it’s a globally scalable fully digital system that solves a very old leadership problem.

  • Because it’s a real invention (first mover) based on the top level algorithm in this business area.

  • Because it’s commercially highly interesting (unlimited scalable subscription model like Netflix).

WHAT would you buy?

  • You buy shares of a company with an already tested and running system (since 1.10.2019).

  • You buy shares of a company with a „best in class“ algorithm (the only one of it’s kind).

  • You buy shares of a company which entered „Growth phase“.


  • Being part of extremely cool, international game changer.

  • Bringing more „Productivity AND Happiness“ into millions of lives and thousands of companies.

  • Getting a high return on investment and profiting from recurring subscription business.

  • For your imagination: with 1.0 million users, CHF 576’000’000 would be the annual turnover.

 Investment steps

  • Already made investments CHF 2.4 million (of a total of 4.0M)

  • Still available volume: CHF 1.6M

  • Ticket sizes: CHF 100’000 up to CHF 400’000


About the product

The new Leadership System.

impulzity is where leadership happens.

WHY: Imagine a world where all of us receive individual empowerment every day.

  • More productivity through daily, proactive leadership impulses.

  • More happiness by promoting individual resources and talents.

  • Less frustration, fluctuation and absences.

WHAT: impulzity – a game changer when it comes to leadership.

  • THE digital leadership assistant: impulzity is where leadership happens – on the easy to use mobile app.

  • Daily generation of individualized and resource-related impulzity leadership impulses for two randomly or personally selected employees.

  • The impulzity Talent Manual uses a high-precision algorithm for the typological description of human behavior (Every user gets their own personal Talent Manual).

  • Impulzity leadership impulses are person-related, precise, concrete and can be implemented immediately – from knowing to doing! (It’s real learning by doing).

  • Makes highly individualized leadership possible.

BENEFITS: Individual Empowerment

  • More quantity and quality in management (leadership) work (Q+Q).

  • Higher productivity and happiness through individual empowerment (individual vs general).

  • Higher commitment, less fluctuation and fewer absences.

  • Discharge of the HR department.


  • Cloud-based system – no installation required.

  • High level security standards (data management/GDPR).

  • Fully digital, playful and easy to use (integrated e-learning: 2h one-off effort).

  • High system-supported individualization based on personal talents (managers and employees).

  • Onsight implementation support.


  • Subscription model (monthly fee of CHF 48.00 per manager/account).

  • Standard account: 1 executive manager, 1 deputy and 8 employees (expandable).

  • Two bite size leadership impulses (2x2mins) per day (10:00h and 15:00h) per account (for two randomly or personally selected employees).

  • Customized high quality content from minute ONE.